Graphic UI Customization

To complement our range of DSP products, ALLDSP provides powerful cross-platform applications for both the end user of our products, as well as our business partners who integrate our solutions into their product portfolio. Multiple levels of customization are available, ranging from simple rebranding to in-depth customization of look-and-feel and functional behaviour. Many things, like the number of channels that are shown, can also be set in the configuration panels.

Hardware UI Customization

Front panel keys, LEDs, DC inputs and General Purpose Inputs are freely programmable by our customers. Default functions are pre-programmed, but every key and LED function can be changed. By packaging these configurations in your production file, each product can be individually designed and produced without interaction with ALLDSP, and without changing firmware, resulting in a smooth, fast, and low risk development flow.


DSP Core

All of our products are built around our proprietary DSP cores. Starting with one core for low channel count products, up to eight parallel cores for high end products, they all share the same source code and processing quality, resulting in equally good processing regardless of the product. Available in standard format or completely customisable, all features are available across all products, such as the standard crossovers, EQs, delay etc, but also a multiband compressor, zero-attack peak limiter, flexible signal routing, FIR filters, and so on.


All of our products have the ability to use the latest technology in networked audio. By adding Dante modules UXT2 or UXT4, any product can support Dante and AES67. In addition, our MIVIO MILAN Listener platform adds certified MILAN support. MIVIO is integrated within the DSP core, resulting in a lower cost, higher reliability plug-and-play solution. 

A/D and D/A Conversion

Our A/D converters from AKM and Burr-Brown are combined with a proprietary drive circuit, resulting in extremely low noise (better than 120dB(A)) for most of our products, and up to 143dB(A) for our high end products.

On the D/A side, using ESS SABRE technology as well as Burr-Brown, our converters are perfectly adapted to real-life applications, providing products where the DSP noise contribution is practically non-existent.


Analog Domain

By supporting our state-of-the-art processing and providing the best sound quality possible, the signal processing in the analog domain plays a key role in the final sound quality of our products. Be it the analog input stages, converter drivers, or our versatile line drivers, we would not be able to reach the specifications that we do without carefully selecting the best low-noise and low-distortion components for our circuits, and using innovative circuit designs to optimize performance.


Targeted at flexible installations, we offer several products with Power Over Ethernet functionality. Combined with Audio Streaming and class D amplifiers, the resulting products can be used to build high quality PoE speakers with all of our processing power on board. Our portfolio includes PoE (13W) and PoE+ (30W) products.