Our OEM products cover a wide range of DSP applications, such as entry-level to top quality loudspeaker processors, processor boards to match active loudspeaker amplifier modules, processor boards, system amplifiers, outboard equipment and audio streaming products, together with complementary dedicated control software with a customized look-and-feel.


Our highest channel count, top performance module, suitable for rack processors and system amplifiers

Our highest performance 2×4 or 4×4 module, suitable for system amplifiers and active loudspeakers

A dedicated 2×4 active loudspeaker module providing a cost-effective alternative to 1800i by integrating the external connectors and indicators

Entry level module, with similar acoustic performance capabilities as the 1800i and 1800B

Our most cost-effective module, the SBD44 is a 4×4 fully capable processor with 48kHz sample rate