At ALLDSP, we have been developing and manufacturing DSP products for professional audio applications for over 23 years.

All our products are developed and manufactured in Germany. By producing our DSP modules on our in-house Siplace production line, we have full control over our production quality, resulting in extremely high reliability at competitive cost levels that satisfy even the most demanding companies worldwide.

We have a comprehensive range of products that cover a wide range of DSP applications from entry-level to top quality loudspeaker processors, processor boards to match active loudspeaker amplifier modules, processor boards, system amplifiers, outboard equipment, and audio streaming products.

Our expertise includes state-of-the-art technology such as 140dB A/D converters, 64-bit high speed processing, audio networking technology, IIR and FIR filtering blocks, multiband compression and accurate processing with coefficients calculated on the fly. All our products include control software with a customized look-and-feel to control the hardware via Ethernet or USB.

In this era of digital transformation, we have been heavily investing in the automation technology, which means our entire production can be managed by only a few people. This has increased our overall productivity at ALLDSP and ensured more efficient use of materials.