Milan Avnu

Certified MILAN Listener Platform

MIVIO is our MILAN Certified, eight channel MILAN Listener Platform, intended for use in active loudspeakers, system amplifiers, or rack processors for professional audio or high end home audio. The MIVIO platform itself is a chipset that is used in various ALLDSP products, such as in loudspeaker processors, but is also available as a standalone module available for integration in 3rd party (OEM) products. All connections on MIVIO are internal multi-pin connectors and/or an internal digital audio interface within our DSP chipset.

Features and Benefits:

ALLDSP products that support MIVIO:



Parameter MIVIO Listener Unit
Network 100 Mbit
Streams 1 Listener
Channels Up to 8
Stream format 32 bit AAF
Sample rate 48 kHz
Virtual outputs (internal DSP audio bus) 8
Configuration interface IEEE1722.1 ATDECC
Configurations 1 (8 ch Listener)
Processor 64 bit multimode ALLDSP AM685
Number of processors 1
Sample rate 48 kHz
Power Supply  
Supply voltage 3.3 V
Current consumption 300 mA
Temperature 0 to 50 ºC
Humidity < 80 %RH