The 1800i is a two-input, four-output Digital Signal Processor (DSP) intended for use in active loudspeakers for professional audio or high-end home audio.

SKU: Z06391
The 1800i is a two input, four output Digital Signal Processor (DSP) intended for use in active loudspeakers for professional audio or high end home audio. Available in four performance levels and using only the best sounding components available, its unrivalled audio quality and feature set match the highest standards.

All connections on 1800i are internal multi-pin connectors. To build a full product, additional PCBs are needed with external connectors. See “Accessories” for details.

• 2 or 4 inputs (selectable), 4 outputs
• dual-channel AES/EBU input
• 96kHz sample rate (48kHz in 4-input mode)
• Unparalleled audio quality
• State-of-the-art digital processing
• Programmable User Interface
• Monitoring and permanent logging of key parameters such as temperature, signal level and gain reduction
• 384 FIR taps per output
• 100 presets
• Optional Dante and AES67 module available
• Prepared for AVB / MILAN (coming soon)
• Multiple display and GPI / GPO support
• Optional Tilt Sensor
• 2 DC inputs for potentiometers
• 4 current measurement AC inputs
• 2 temperature sensor inputs
• 100Mbit LAN
• Plug-and-Play compatibility with Pascal, Powersoft, ICEpower and Hypex amplifier modules

Please also see AN812: Common Features MK2 as well as the Application Notes on our website www.alldsp.com for additional information. To see all application notes and detailed technical information, please request a login by sending an email to [email protected]. Some of the listed features are optional. Please contact us for detailed information.
ParameterTest ConditionMinTypMaxUnit
Analog Inputs (electronically balanced)2 (4)
Dynamic Range< 1% THD, A wtd, 2 in mode120126dB(A)
Dynamic Range< 1% THD, A wtd, 4 in mode105110
Max. Input Level< 1% THD23dBu
Input Impedance (balanced)21
Input Impedance (single ended)10.5
Digital Inputs26
Analog Outputs4
Dynamic RangeMax. level limited by DSP (A wtd)116120dB(A)
Maximum Output LevelLimited by DSP18dBu
Output Level Selection+12, +18dBu
Noise FloorDefault setting, Channel muted-104-100dBu(A)
Source Impedance235/470Ω
Digital Outputs4
Input-to-output latencyFIR disabled, unity gain466µs
Gain (without amplifier, DSP only)0 +/- 0.5dB
Dynamic Range (unity gain, DSP only)< 1% THD, A wtd113116dB(A)
Dynamic Range (with typical amplifier)< 1% THD, A wtd113dB(A)
THD0 dBu, 1kHz, unity gain, DSP only, 2 channels0.0050.01%
Frequency Response (DSP only)0 dBu, unity gain, DSP only, +/- 0.5 dB20…20kHz
Frequency Response (DSP only)0 dBu, unity gain, DSP only, +0.5 / -3 dB10…40kHz
DSP 64 bit multimode ALLDSP AM685
Number of processors2
Sample rate96kHz
FIR4 x 384taps
PEQ (per channel)10bands
Grouping EQ (each input)5bands
Crossover (each input, LPF and HPF)24dB/Oct
Crossover (each output, LPF and HPF)48dB/Oct
Compressors (per channel)4bands
Limiter (switchable true RMS / Zero Attack, each in and out)1bands
Analog Supply Voltage VCC / VSS+/- 12+/- 15+/- 16V
Optional additional supply voltage (VDD)6V
Current consumption VCC (using optional VDD)100mA
Current consumption VCC (without optional VDD)300mA
Current consumption VSS100mA
Current consumption VDD400mA

All values, specifications, features and other statements are for information purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee. Specifications are measured in real-life environments. Due to manufacturing differences, deviations can occur. All information may be changed by ALLDSP without notice.
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